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Wrestlers Listed: 6
Bold placing is medalist - Red placing is champion
Season records show records after this tournament, not final season records
Year and medal counts only show numbers for selected team

Grad Wrestler Yrs Mdl
YearClassGrWtPlaceT RecS RecTeam
2003 Guenot, Brandon 4 3
2000AAAFR125DNP1-231-9Bald Eagle Area
2001AAASO1358th2-332-8Bald Eagle Area
2002AAAJR1405th3-238-6Bald Eagle Area
2003AAASR1456th2-336-6Bald Eagle Area
1999 Guenot, Corey 3 3
1997AAASO1195th4-234-4Bald Eagle Area
1998AAAJR1303rd5-139-5Bald Eagle Area
1999AAASR1302nd3-137-4Bald Eagle Area
1983 Horton, Jeff 3 3
1981AAASOUNL6th2-324-9Bald Eagle Area
1982AAAJRUNL4th3-230-2Bald Eagle Area
1983AAASRUNL6th2-327-3Bald Eagle Area
2018 Koleno, Seth 4 3
2015AAAFR126DNP1-231-6Bald Eagle Area
2016AAASO1327th4-230-8Bald Eagle Area
2017AAAJR1385th3-234-5Bald Eagle Area
2018AAASR1382nd3-137-1Bald Eagle Area
2004 Shirk, Clint 4 3
2001AAAFR103DNP0-233-9Bald Eagle Area
2002AAASO1038th2-331-9Bald Eagle Area
2003AAAJR1253rd4-140-5Bald Eagle Area
2004AAASR1353rd5-140-3Bald Eagle Area
2008 Wright, Quentin 4 3
2005AAAFR125DNP1-239-7Bald Eagle Area
2006AAASO1452nd3-135-7Bald Eagle Area
2007AAAJR1601st4-041-0Bald Eagle Area
2008AAASR1711st4-039-0Bald Eagle Area
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